Foo Unveils the Taste of Summer with Fresh at Foo- Mango Edit

The menu celebrates the arrival of the king of fruit, the Mango with an innovative twist. Indulge in their Summer Salad, a delightful fusion of Avocado, mango, assorted lettuce, corn, cucumber, pomegranate, crunchy peanuts, and refreshing mint, all tossed in a tangy Mango Yuzu dressing. Dive into the Crispy Mango Tempura Maki, a standout of the season, boasting creamy avocado, zesty pickled Thai chilli, and a satisfying crunch of charcoal crisps, enveloped in a crispy tempura shell and drizzled with tangy Mango Yuzu Sauce or the Smokey Hamachi Maki, where fresh avocado, succulent mango, and a fiery chipotle kick are perfectly balanced by Naga Chilli Mayo.

For those craving dumplings, try the Snow Pea & Asparagus Dumpling, a delicate blend of fresh yellow zucchini, crisp Chinese cabbage, and tangy raw mango, all encased in a tender dumpling skin and served with their signature Singapore Sauce. Indulge in the Chicken Dumpling, Gold Dust; a succulent blend of yam bean, edamame, and mango, adorned with a shimmering touch of gold dust and served with decadent Imperial Sauce.

For a crispy and flavorful treat, try the Crispy Lotus Root, Mango, pairing crunchy lotus root with juicy mango, vibrant bell peppers, zesty onions, and a hint of chilli, all drizzled with a special Foo Sauce. Or opt for the Sweet & Spicy Chicken, where tender chicken is combined with bell peppers, onions, chilli, cucumber, and mango with irresistible Foo summer special sauce.

Complete your feast with Mango Block, a luscious blend of velvety coconut and passion fruit mousse, mingled with juicy mango cubes, decadent white chocolate, and a burst of fresh berries, crowned with a dollop of creamy mango ice cream, promising to transport you to tropical bliss. 

Speaking about the menu Keenan Tham, Managing Director & Co-founder, of Pebble Street Hospitality, said, “At Foo, we are passionate about celebrating the vibrant flavours of each season, and our Fresh at Foo menu, which we present twice a year, is a testament to this commitment and is absolutely loved by our guests. Our Fresh at Foo - Mango edit menu infuses our dishes with the rich, tropical essence of mango, crafting a culinary experience that promises to delight and refresh. We invite our guests to indulge in these innovative creations and savour the true essence of summer.”

Where: Across Foo Outlets in Mumbai, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad
When: Ongoing till June 20, 2024

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