Formovie hosts an event in Rajkot to showcase its high-end product range

Formovie, a Xiaomi ecosystem company leading the way in home entertainment through its globally acclaimed laser projector range, provided an opportunity for retailers, distributors and select delegates in Rajkot to experience its innovative products. In an exclusive meet organised by Aytexcel Pvt Ltd, the exclusive sellers of Formovie in India, the event, which was held at the Grand Regency on Dhebar Road, also gave insights into the potential of the significantly increasing projector market in India.

The event was held in three key sessions. These included an introduction to Formovie projectors, an educational segment where the technical specifications of these innovative devices were explained to the participants, and a live demonstration where Sushil Motwani, the Founder of Aytexcel, provided more information about the brand.

“The demand for enhanced home entertainment has experienced a surge in India. This event was organised mainly for retailers and distributors to help them know more about the technical aspects of the feature-rich projectors from Formovie. Today’s consumers are technically updated, and the sellers should make sure that every aspect, peculiarity and specification is explained accurately to them,” says Sushil Motwani.

The key devices that were demonstrated included the Formovie THEATER projector, which is fast becoming one of the prime choices for movie enthusiasts looking for an immersive viewing experience at home. The cutting-edge device, which is equipped with ALPD®️ 4.0 RGB+ Technology and 4K UHD resolution, is enriched with bespoke sound design from Bowers & Wilkins along with the Dolby Atmos feature.

Among other projectors on display were the Formovie Xming Page One, which is the world’s first Google TV projector with certified native Netflix integration, the V10 4K Projector UHD Smart Mini Home Theatre, the Formovie X5 4K Laser Projector, which brings oceanic cinematic sound right into your living room and budget-friendly models like the Formovie S5 laser projector.

“For us, customer satisfaction is the key. Many of the models from Formovie are equipped with first-of-its-kind features in the segment. Hence, we need to provide our distributors and retailers with invaluable insights into these unique technical specifications so that they can serve the customers in an efficient way as per their changing preferences. We are also planning to organise similar events in other cities soon,” adds Motwani.

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