Get to Know the Cast of Navari Mile Hitlerla

Starting from March 18, the new show, Navari Mile Hitlerla will be gracing the screens of Zee Marathi, welcoming audiences into a world filled with anticipation about its cast. Let’s delve into the characters and personalities of the artists involved in this intriguing show.

Raqesh Bapat: AJ, alias Abhiram Jahagirdar
Raqesh portrays the character of Abhiram Jahagirdar, known as AJ. With his charming personality and assertive demeanor, he has earned the moniker ‘Hitler’. The daughters-in-law oof the family are all prepared to search for a new bride for him.

Vallari Viraj: Leela
Valerie Viraj embodies the character of Leela, an outwardly caring woman. While her intention is to help everyone, her care sometimes turns into interference. When Leela meets Abhiram, it’s intriguing to see what unfolds.

Sharmila Shinde: Durga Jahagirdar
Sharmila portrays the role of Durga Jahagirdar, the eldest daughter-in-law of the Jahagirdar family. Describing her character, Sharmila shares, “Durga is the eldest daughter-in-law of the Jahagirdar family, and her relationship with Abhiram is unique. She is disciplined but sharp, responsible, and practical.”

Bhumija Patil: Saraswati Jahagirdar
Bhumija portrays the role of Saraswati Jahagirdar, the second daughter-in-law of the Jahagirdar family. Describing her character, Bhumika says, “Saraswati is very fond of everyone. Suddenly, she finds herself married into a disciplined household. She loves her husband deeply but struggles to conform to the strict rules of the household. Due to her innocent nature, she often finds herself in humorous situations.”

Sanika Kashikar: Lakshmi Jahagirdar
Sanika embodies the character of Lakshmi Jahagirdar, the middle daughter-in-law of the Jahagirdar family. Describing her character, Sneha shares, “Lakshmi is a clever girl who knows how to handle any situation. She is always aware of what to say and how to say it. When she enters a household as the third daughter-in-law, she already has a plan in mind. Although she appears to be tough, Lakshmi is a sharp and witty character.”

Don’t forget to tune in to Navari Mile Hitlerla starting March 18, every night at 10 PM, exclusively on Zee Marathi.

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