Global pride of Sindhi awards 2024: Celebration of Sindhi heritage

In a resplendent showcase of culture and camaraderie, Global Pride of Sindhi Awards 2024, by the esteemed Sant Sai Sadhram Ji and spearheaded by Dr Gurmukh Jagwani- Ex. MLC, MOC (G) JALGAON, Dr Raju Manwani - International Chairman VSSS, Dr Murli Adnani- Chairman Friends of International Sindhis, Dr Pitamber (Peter) Dhalwani- Suhina Sindhi Pune, Jeetu Jagwani, Raju Khetwani, Dr Bharati Chhabria is an ode to the vibrant tapestry of Sindhi heritage and the remarkable contributions of Sindhis across the globe. This illustrious event, slated for the evening of May 7, 2024, at the prestigious Mukesh Parel Auditorium in Juhu, Mumbai, promises an enchanting celebration of excellence, unity, and cultural pride.

Global Pride of Sindhi Awards 2024 beckons luminaries from diverse spheres – be it the corridors of business, the realms of arts, the bastions of academia, or the heartstrings of philanthropy – to converge in a jubilant symphony honouring those who have tirelessly championed Sindhi culture on the global stage.

As the evening unfolds, it shall serve as a luminous beacon, illuminating the myriad facets of Sindhi culture and heritage, casting a radiant spotlight on the profound and invaluable contributions of Sindhis worldwide.

The spokespersons share, “Through this celebration, we endeavour not only to honour the past but also to ignite a flame of inspiration that shall continue to guide future generations in preserving and perpetuating our rich legacy.”

With the blessings of Hazir Swaroop Sain Sadhram Sahib ji and Shehehzada Sain Rohit Lal Sahib.

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