Gordon Ramsay Restaurants And Travel Food Services Bring World-Renowned Dining To India

The culinary landscape at Indian airports is set for a seismic transformation. In an exciting move that sets a new standard for culinary excellence in Indian airports, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants is pleased to announce a landmark partnership with Travel Food Services (TFS), India’s leading travel Food and Beverage Company. The arrival of Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, Street Pizza, Street Burger and Gordon Ramsay Plane Food To-Go marks the celebrated chef’s first foray into dining in India.

The agreement, as announced today marks the beginning of a three-year opening programme, which will see six restaurant concepts unveiled across Indian airport terminals by 2027, with the first sites due to launch in the final quarter of 2024.

Gordon Ramsay, known for his unwavering commitment to excellence and his high culinary standards, has built an empire of critically acclaimed restaurants and an array of popular television shows, making him a household name around the world. For the first time, the culinary icon brings his signature flair and unparalleled standards to Indian airports with his three stand-out concepts: Street Pizza, Street Burger, and Gordon Ramsay Plane Food To-Go. Each brand embodies Ramsay’s commitment to quality and creativity, offering travellers a taste of his world-renowned culinary proficiency. Gordon Ramsay Plane Food offers discerning travellers succulent all-day pre-departure dining, Street Pizza delivers artisanal pizzas inspired by London’s vibrant street food scene, Street Burger serves up gourmet burgers with bold flavours and premium ingredients, and Plane Food To-Go provides gourmet meals designed for convenience without compromising on taste.

With a presence in over 19 cities and managing more than 380 eateries, TFS continues its legacy of innovation by introducing world-renowned dining concepts to Indian travellers. This initiative not only promises to transform terminal dining into an exhilarating, top-tier gastronomic adventure, but also reflects TFS’s commitment to bringing sophisticated and diverse culinary offerings to the Indian market.

Varun Kapur, Executive Director of TFS, shares his enthusiasm, “This is not just a launch; it’s a monumental culinary event! With this partnership, we are building on the food revolution in Indian airports that TFS has been passionately driving. Gordon Ramsay’s iconic brands will deliver an unprecedented fusion of flavour and finesse, further adding excitement to the Indian travellers’ journey and making their dining experience unforgettable.”

Gordon Ramsay Restaurant’s CEO Andy Wenlock, shares, India’s rich culinary heritage and its reputation for hospitality make it the perfect landscape for our brands. With Travel Food Services, Indian airports are the new stage for our culinary journey, and we are excited to see how travellers embrace these vibrant, flavour-intense dining experiences.”

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