Gurpreet Singh: I came into acting by accident

Actor Gurpreet Singh, who is currently seen in the show Vanshaj, says that he accidentally became an actor, but loved it so much that he decided to stay on in this industry. He adds that acting on screen and playing different roles helps him live in the hearts of people.

“I came into acting by accident, but I loved it so much that I decided to continue. What started as an unexpected opportunity quickly turned into a passion for storytelling and the thrill of stepping into different characters’ shoes. My best project that people still remember is ‘Kahin Toh Hoga.’ This show not only challenged me as an actor but also allowed me to explore a complex character deeply. The connection I built with the audience through this role remains one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. It’s amazing to see how this project has stayed with people over the years, becoming a cherished memory for many,” he says.

He adds that his acting has evolved over the years. “Over the years, my approach to acting has become more nuanced and refined. I’ve learned to bring more authenticity to my roles by drawing from personal experiences and emotions, which adds depth and realism to my performances. Additionally, I’ve become more collaborative in my work, valuing the input and perspectives of directors and co-actors. This collaborative spirit has enriched my performances and allowed me to grow as an actor. Working closely with others in the industry has taught me the importance of teamwork and has helped me deliver more compelling and believable characters.”

He adds, “I would tell my younger self to be patient and persistent. Success doesn’t come overnight, and there will be many challenges. It’s important to stay true to your passion and keep honing your craft. Also, don’t rush into marriage or other major life decisions. Take your time, think carefully, and make sure you’re ready before taking the big steps.

He adds, “Acting requires a lot of hard work and dedication. It’s not just about memorizing lines; it involves understanding and embodying a character. The emotional and physical demands can be intense, and it requires continuous learning and adaptation. Acting may seem easy, but it’s far from it. It demands emotional vulnerability, long hours, and a deep understanding of human behaviour. It’s a craft that requires constant improvement and a lot of resilience.”

Ask him how he stays creatively inspired during periods when work might be less frequent, and he says, “During slower periods, I stay inspired by watching diverse films and performances, reading, and engaging in different forms of art. I immerse myself in literature and explore various artistic expressions, such as painting or music, to keep my creative juices flowing. I also spend time on personal projects that fuel my creativity, like writing or developing new ideas for future roles. These activities not only help me stay inspired but also allow me to continuously grow and evolve as an artist. Engaging with different forms of art broadens my perspective and keeps my passion for storytelling alive.”

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