Gutar Gu Series Star Gunjan Saini talks about her secret to Viral Success

Relatability and association to her content is what has worked for poet, actor, lyricist Gunjan Saini. She has worked as a casting associate and an in-house actor at Filtercopy and was also part of Gutar Gu series on Amazon Mini TV. 

Gunjan is known to share viral videos on social media as well. “Recently, I wrote about middle-class kids, and it crossed 4 million views. You have to strategise a lot about what is relatable. I also posted a reel about the T20 World Cup, which was also well received,” she says.

Shukriyaa is one of her most viral pieces of content. Talking about the same, she says, “Shukriyaa crossed 25-26 million views and 1 million shares, which is huge for my page. The thought was that I believe that being grateful is everything, and it can help you achieve more in life.”

Social media is a great platform for an artist like her, she says, adding, “Instagram has given me a lot of recognition. People who come to my shows are usually my followers who have been with me for a long time. Social media is a game-changer if you use it the right way. It has helped me a lot, and through Instagram, I met my partner.”

Meanwhile, she says that writing content for social media can get challenging. “Being relatable and unique is a challenge. Everyone is trying to be relatable, so you have to find a way to be unique, which can be tricky at times. When you brainstorm and focus on what your audience wants, it becomes easier to create content.”

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