Hansa Singh: The entourage culture is way too outstretched

Actor, tarot card reader, healer, and occultist Hansa Singh, who has been part of projects like Human, Criminal Justice 3, and the film Goodbye, feels the damage in promoting the entourage culture has already been done.

Speaking in reference to Anurag Kashyap’s recent interview, where he opened up about the entourage culture that exists in the industry and said that actors come with their own team of 7-8 people, and they are allowed to do it because he or she is the actor of the film, she said, “I feel it’s a catch-22 situation. As of today, we are coming out in the open to talk about it after the damage has been done. I agree that the entourage culture is way too outstretched. Not all are needed, but once they are used to it, the production allows it. Then whom to blame and say?”

But when it comes to social media, she believes it’s the production house that first asks questions about reach and followers. She said, “When the demand is increasing by production houses, they ask ‘what’s your Instagram reach and followers’ before they cast you. It’s so brave of you to ask for that.”

She calls herself a lone ranger and says she goes on the set alone. “I cook because I take home-cooked food because I’m responsible for my health. I am a makeup person; I do my own makeup until it’s something needed by the character,” she said.

Hansa feels that if the actor is comfortable bringing his or her entourage, it’s their prerogative. “If the actor is professional and knows his work and worth, he might come with just one assistant. As the comfort of an actor is paramount to giving their best for the project, Until and unless the talent is taken care of and not a burden on the production house.”

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