Himalayan Clean-Up Drive by Oceanic Divas, Little Green World, Indian Army, and Himabass Public High School

In a remarkable celebration of World Environment Day, Pune-based Oceanic Divas and Little Green World, in collaboration with the Indian Army’s Kargil War Memorial staff and Himabass Public High School, Bhimbet, led a successful Himalayan clean-up drive. This impactful event, spearheaded by environmental champions Varsha Rajkhowa and Preeti Chauhan, marked a significant step towards environmental conservation and awareness.

The Himalayan Clean-Up Drive encompassed more than just the removal and disposal of waste; it included a comprehensive waste and brand audit. This audit is instrumental in reflecting on waste management practices, advocating for policy changes, and encouraging sustainable consumption patterns.

Varsha Rajkhowa is the Founder and Director of Pune-based Oceanic Divas, an environment, CSR and media organization. She is a Climate Reality Leader, environmental engineer, international beauty queen (Miss Scuba International 2016), youth icon, social worker, and TEDx speaker. She expressed, “Every bit makes a huge difference. Together, let’s be the change we want to see in the world.” Indian Army staff from the Kargil War Memorial provided the logistical support and participated in the clean-up.

A dedicated conservationist and a pivotal figure in the clean-up drive for the past five years, Preeti Chauhan, Founder and Director of Little Green World, emphasized the importance of their ongoing efforts. “Our consistent efforts in spreading awareness and addressing climate change issues are crucial. This clean-up drive is a testament to the power of community and collaborative action,” she stated. Saleem Khan, Principal of Himabass Public High School, also played a crucial role in mobilizing student volunteers.

These eco-warriors, alongside the Indian Army personnel and enthusiastic students from Himabass Public High School, transformed the clean-up initiative into a resounding success. The drive not only cleaned the environment but also inspired countless individuals across India and globally, emphasizing the importance of collective action in environmental conservation.

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