Hina Bajpai: It feels like a personal victory

Hina Bajpai, who is seen as Rashi in Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat’s Dahej Daasi, which is produced under their banner Do Dooni 4 Films, is happy that the show has completed 100 episodes.

She said, “It feels like a personal victory. I didn’t even realize when we went from episode 1 to episode 100. This is indeed a personal win, but it’s also a victory for our Dahej Daasi family as well. I am very, very excited for my journey ahead, and I just hope that our show continues for years and years, and that we keep entertaining all of you in the same way.”

For her, every moment, every scene, and every day is memorable because she gets to act. She added, “What more does an actor need than the chance to showcase their craft? So yes, every moment for me is memorable.”

Hina further shared that the biggest challenge for her is her character Rashi, as she is totally opposite to her in real life, but she loves it. She said, “Rashi is very simple and timid, while I am bubbly and always joking around. It’s definitely a challenge, but I really enjoy playing such roles, so I love that challenge.”

She believes that the key to the show’s success is the dedication of the team and the love from the audience. She said, “Firstly, the love that the audience has showered upon us, and of course, the unique storyline of our show. Our entire team, including our producers Ravindra Gautam sir and Raghuvir Shekhawat sir, our director sir, and our cast, are all very dedicated. Everyone works very hard.”

She also credits the positive ambiance on the set and says it feels like home. “It feels like I’m going to my second home every day because everyone here has become like family. We have a great time together, constantly joking and playing pranks on each other. So yes, our set has a very happy, vibrant, and positive atmosphere,” she said.

Message to your fans? “I just want to say thank you so much for showering us with so much love and for liking us so much. I hope that you will continue to love us like this and that our show keeps running successfully for years to come, reaching from 100 episodes to 1000 episodes soon.”

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