Hrishikesh Shelar: I won Rs21 in wrestling, when I was a kid

Recently, the show Tula Shikvin Changlach Dhada featured a wrestling scene. In the storyline, Bhuvaneshwari challenges Adhipati and Akshara to prove their capability to handle household responsibilities by living outside the home for 10 days. During their trial, they face various challenges, including Durgeshwari and Chanchala stealing the money they win in a wrestling match and Bhuvaneshwari making their landlord collect INR 10,000 in rent from them. Despite these obstacles, Adhipati and Akshara return home successfully, where they are warmly welcomed and praised.

Reflecting on the effort and experience of filming the wrestling scene, Hrishikesh Shelar shared, “The experience of wrestling was great. We shot continuously for three days, and though we were exhausted, it felt wonderful to complete the scene. This scene reminded me of the importance of mental toughness and physical fitness. I’m happy that I could successfully perform the wrestling scene.”

He adds, “I don’t have much knowledge of wrestling, but once, during my childhood in the village, I participated in a wrestling match and won only INR 21 as a prize. I never formally learned wrestling moves or practiced in a gym. I have been regularly exercising for many years, whether at home or in the gym, and my interest in fitness helped me here. On set, I learned some moves from the trainers who were brought in, and I incorporated them into the scene.

“Several years ago, I had a ligament tear in my leg due to an accident, so I had to be careful. This scene wasn’t just a result of my effort alone; it was the entire team’s hard work that made it even better.”

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