Indulge in ‘Nostalgia’- The Old School Bakery In Bandra

Often find yourself reminiscing about the good old times, hoping you could time travel to the carefree days? Step into Bandra’s newest offering Nostalgia Cafe and Bakery, where your dreams come true to relive the simpler moments as you indulge in a few nostalgic snacks and comfort drinks. At a quaint corner of Hill Road, in a century-old building, this homely cafe whisks you into the golden days, feeling like a much-needed warm hug in our fast-paced lives.

A brainchild of Ranji Trophy cricketer and restaurateur Sinan Khader along with his uncle Salim Khader, Nostalgia serves a trip down the memory. Feel your smiles widen as you enter…Cassettes and vinyl records, posters of Bollywood classics, collages of your favourite TV shows, scattered handwritten scrapbook notes and vintage artifacts, every element invites you to relive memories.

Talking about it, Sinan Khader says, “We aimed to create a place where people could leave their worries behind and reflect on the best days of their lives. Every visitor will find themselves reminiscing about childhood stories, discussing their favourite music and movies, and making new memories while cherishing the old ones.”

Right after soaking in the interiors, dig into their tasty Veg puffs and Pattices, Crunchy Samosas, hot Bhurji or Kheema Pao, or the quintessential Bun Maska—everything perfect to relish on a rainy day. Don’t forget to try their Mushroom and Chicken and Corn quiches coming straight from what looks like a grandma’s cosy kitchen. And when was the last time you sipped on Milo, Boost, Horlicks or a Lemon Float? Slurp on the secret of our energies from an equally nostalgic beverage menu. Some soft warm cookies and brownies to go with it - just perfect. The sweet counter display of Dutch Pastry, Deep Forest Pastry, Baked Cheesecakes, Blueberry Muffins reminds of the ones you saw on your cartoon shows, everything so deliciously arranged.

The simple menu takes you back to Sunday morning visits to the bakery, where the fresh whiffs of baked goods and buttery delights evoke a sense of anticipation to have it all. Don’t forget to exchange the change on your bill for some popsicles, a final tingle to your taste buds.

The interior design, reminiscent of a bygone era, features quaint knick-knacks, antique wooden furniture and benches, and whimsical touches that invite guests to unwind and savour all the feels. The ‘Foodopoly’ board creation is a highlight to relive the board games.

The vision to create a space where people can experience the innocence and joy of their childhood is brilliantly executed by Principal interior designers Neetika Daga Design and Namrata Saigal Design Atelier. Talking about their creation they say, “We’ve chosen natural materials like warm wood, lime-washed walls, and rough-plastered ceilings that breathe comfort. We have lovingly added details that spark personal favourite stories while ensuring the space remains both functional and enveloping. The handmade items add personal touches, enhancing the nostalgic feel and making the space uniquely yours.”

Where: Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

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