Ishaan Singh Manhas: My character, Sangharsh Yadav and I have similar traits

Savdhaan India - Apni Khaki, a new series of the popular Savdhaan India series, will highlight the struggles, challenges and bravery with which police officers solve any case. The show sees actor Ishaan Singh Manhas portraying the lead role of a police officer in the show. The young actor is excited to don the uniform for his role, and shared that he relates to his on-screen avatar. 

“This new version of Savdhaan India has the same police inspector and his team in all the episodes, solving a new case in each episode. Also, the story telling is different from previous versions of the show. Now the focus is more on the police and how they solve different cases,” he said, adding that he plays police inspector Sangharsh Yadav in the series. He added, “I relate a lot to Sangharsh Yadav. He is honest, principled, sympathetic, focused, sharp, brave, and goes into every detail of each case. And he takes his job very seriously. I have very similar personality traits.”

Ishaan even grew a moustache for his role to make him look more genuine. He said, “Initially, we tried a fake one, but then we decided that my own moustache would look more natural and believable.”

Ishaan has played a police officer earlier too in shows like Mere Angne Mein, Sanjog, and Hamari Sister Didi. He admitted that his body language changes when he wears the Khaki Vardi. He said, “My body language and attitude changed automatically. Even my way of talking becomes different from how I am otherwise. That’s how strong the impact of Khaki Vardi is.”

He hopes that the audience gives the same love to the show as the previous seasons. “We have put in a lot of hard work in making this new version of Savdhaan India - Apni Khaki. I am sure viewers will love it and will enjoy every case that we solve.”

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