Ishaan Singh Manhas on balancing two shows: Both shows need a moustache look

Actor Ishan Singh Manhas, who is currently shooting for Raisinghani vs Raisinghani as well as Savdhaan India, says that it’s not been easy. However, he adds that gradually he has found a way.

“Well, it’s not so easy to manage two shows. Especially when one of them has a 6-day-a-week telecast. Since I play the lead in Savdhaan India Apni Khaki, the schedule is very tight. But I try to manage Raisinghani vs Raisinghani on my break days or sometimes I ask for 1-2 days off in a week. My look for Sangharsh Yadav in Savdhaan is with a moustache. Thanks to the team of Raisinghani vs Raisinghani, they allowed me to keep the moustache for Aryaman Singh also,” he

However, his fans love him. “I am getting a pretty good response. The viewers get to see me in two different personalities. One of a serious cop and the other of a cricketer celebrity who is a casanova. I am enjoying doing two very opposite personalities on screen.”

He adds, “I am getting very good responses from fans and my family and friends. This is the first time that they got to see me in a moustache look in Savdhaan and also it’s my OTT debut in Raisinghani. And thankfully, both the shows are very popular on their respective platforms.”

Ask him about how he manages to cut off from his characters once he goes home, and he says, “There was a time when I used to carry my characters home. They used to have some influence on my real-life personality till the time I was shooting for them. Now that’s not the case. But yes, some scenes do leave an impact on an actor’s mind for a while. For example, the crime stories in Savdhaan India Apni Khaki.”

Talking about his look, he says, “Since I started working on Raisinghani vs Raisinghani first, initially, my look was with a slight beard. Later, when I signed Savdhaan India Apni Khaki, I was asked to keep a moustache. Luckily, the team of Raisinghani agreed to keep my moustache look. So as of now, I just need to maintain my moustache. However, the body language which I focus on in both the shows are very different because both characters have opposite personalities.”

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