Jason Tham: I would like to play Bhagat Singh.

Actor Jason Tham has been doing some great roles in films like Happy Phir Bhag Jayegi, Rocket Gang. The young actor is currently being seen in a completely different avtaar in a new OTT series - Swaraj - as King Narenderjit. 

Sharing more about the role and look, Jason says, “Narenderjit was the prince of Manipur. At a very young age he had to take charge against the brutality of the Britishers. He took charge and fought alongside the nation in the war of 1857. He was amongst the many unsung heroes who died sacrificing for the freedom of his people. After playing this role I have realised portraying a character in a period drama is not easy, specially when the resources are limited. You have to do a lot of imagination under the realm of the given resources. I had to work extra on my speech, as it was a mix of Urdu and Hindi. The  costume and the production team have done a fabulous job in carrying me through. Swaraj was shot in the outskirts of Mumbai, where  we had to stay close to the set. So I didn’t see home for 4 days.”

Jason also shares his take on the freedom fighters of our nation. He adds, “When you read about some unsung heroes you realise it’s because of their sacrifices that we are where we are today. And the emotion that they go through to take the extreme step is just unimaginable. Truly inspiring and an honour to play them. I enjoyed every second of the whole process. For me, living and playing Narenderjit’s life  was a breath of fresh air. Going through his childhood, hardships, trauma and finally becoming the beacon of hope for his people was absolutely breathtaking . I took it as a challenge. My audience has never seen me in this look and attire. As an artist it is our responsibility to showcase variety through our craft.”

If Jason gets an opportunity to play an iconic freedom fighter from history he will play  Bhagat Singh. He says, “I would definitely like to play Bhagat singh. He was an unstoppable force against the Britishers. His brave attitude left the Britishers spellbound.”

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