Jitendra EV Introduces New Version of PRIMO, ‘PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS’

Nashik-based electric vehicles manufacturer, Jitendra EV announced the launch of new variants of the PRIMO electric scooter model, PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS.

Price range start at 79999 INR, the new versions come with high-tech add-ons like a detachable battery, battery protection IP67 with smart BMS, digital cluster with fault finding indicator, smart instrumented cluster, range prediction feature, mobile charging USB, LED lamps, side stand sensor, thermal propagation alert, and reverse assistance to meet the distinct preferences of new-age riders.

Equipped with 2.04 kilowatt-Hour (KwH) and 3.26 kilowatt-Hour (KwH) power, with the latest LMFP and NCM battery technologies with an IDC range of 82 and 137 KMPC (Kilometer Per Charge), PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS have been designed to deliver efficiently in the sustainable transportation space. Both PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS are high performance models and can reach a speed of 52 kilometer per hour.

With its cutting-edge design and advanced features, the PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS represent a significant leap forward in the evolution of urban commuting. Speaking on the launch of the new variants, Samkit Shah, the Co-Founder of Jitendra EV, said, “With the PRIMO S and PRIMO PLUS, we are redefining urban mobility and setting new standards for sustainability and innovation.”

The e-scooter maintains its iconic glossy finish, futuristic design, and hallows leg space, offering riders a sense of comfort, while boasting enhanced performance capabilities, advanced safety features, and smart connectivity options. He further emphasized, “Our goal is to provide commuters with an eco-friendly alternative with strong back up of after sales support that not only reduces carbon emissions but also enhances the overall urban commuting experience and uninterrupted services to our valued customers, being committed to quality services in sales, service and spares we are increasing our brand footprints and have a ambitious plan to expand Authorized Network across nation and an interested entrepreneurs can reach to us on +91-7057299999 or visit www.jitendraev.com.”

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