Josh and DW Hindi's new season of Vibecheck with DW gains popularity in India

Josh, a short-video app, in collaboration with DW Hindi, the Hindi-language channel of German international broadcaster Deutsche Welle, has announced the successful conclusion of the second season of Vibecheck with DW. This collaborative series introduced DW’s Sehat Talk, a women-centric news series, to a wider audience through short videos on Josh and Dailyhunt.

The introduction of Sehat Talk programme on Josh and Dailyhunt marked a significant milestone in inclusive and women-centric media content for Bharat audiences. The second season, with a total of 45 videos which ran for 15 weeks on Josh and Dailyhunt, focused on an array of engaging and diverse topics including Seed Cycling, #Women trend awareness, “Whatsappitis,” and the intriguing connection between pain and cravings for sweets, among others. 

With over 300 million video views, 10 million hearts and nearly 1 million shares and downloads on Josh, the enthusiastic response indicates the show’s remarkable reach and impact. Presented in Hindi and Indian Sign Language, the informative series is hosted by renowned journalist Isha Bhatia Sanan and an interpreter from the Inclusive Divyangjan Entrepreneur Association (IDEA). RedFM and its RJs also supported the series, emphasizing its importance to their listeners. 

Commenting on this campaign, Sunder Venketraman, Head of Creator & Content Ecosystem at Josh, said, “Vibecheck with DW has been an exceptional and impactful initiative since its inception. Our primary objective was to establish a safe and inclusive environment for women to engage in conversations about their health and related topics in the most inclusive manner possible. Through a comprehensive approach rooted in inclusivity, collaboration, and advocacy, we have not only achieved this goal but surpassed our objectives. Season 2’s success has been made possible by the collective efforts of the Vibecheck team, as well as our valued partners such as RedFM and IDEA.” 

Daniel Schulz and Jaya Oberoi from Deutsche Welle’s Asia Distribution Team, jointly commented “The success of Vibecheck with DW Season 2 reflects our commitment to delivering informative and captivating content to audiences in India. We are thrilled to see the positive reception and intend to continue to empower and educate through our collaboration with Josh and Dailyhunt, whose support has been crucial in amplifying our message and reaching diverse audiences.” 

Season 2 of Vibecheck with DW answers all the health-related “whys” that audiences may have. From understanding why anger fuels in an empty stomach to the intricacies of cancer development and the rationale between ageing and hair loss, the new season unravels the interconnected aspects of health and much more. The Vibecheck with DW series can be viewed on DW Hindi’s channels on Josh and Dailyhunt.

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