Kashish Duggal: Music is like magic to me

Kashish Duggal, who will be seen in Suhaagan, says that music is very important to her, and she makes sure to listen to it everyday. She adds that good music can uplift her soul.

“Music is like magic to me; it has the power to transform my mood and uplift my spirit. When I listen to music, it’s as if I’m transported to another world where everything feels lighter and more vibrant,” she says.

She adds, “Music is therapeutic, providing solace during tough times and amplifying joy during happy moments. It inspires me by sparking creativity, offering comfort, and connecting me to deeper emotions. In essence, music is my refuge and my muse, helping me navigate life’s highs and lows with grace and resilience.”

Talking about her favourite music, she says, “My favourite genre is romance. It allows me to express myself effortlessly and understand the depth of emotions from others as well. If we ever have disagreements, music can be our bridge. I particularly enjoy listening to artists like Arijit Singh and Satinder Sartaj because they pour their souls into their singing.”

She adds, “Currently, my favourite song is Ve’ Haniya, which I can listen to on repeat as I can connect to each and every word.”

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