Kiran Khoje: I feel immense joy to play a challenging character

Kiran Khoje, whom we have seen in films like Talvar, Hindi Medium and Super 30 and who recently made her OTT debut with Dry Day, speaks about her idea of happiness on the occasion of International Day Of Happiness.

She says, “My happiness comes from finding inner peace, seeing smiles on people’s faces because of me, feeling confident and joyful, and sharing that joy with others. When I can help someone in need, it fills me with happiness. While there are many definitions of happiness, for me it’s not about one particular thing but rather about having a smile on my face and laughing a lot. Helping myself and others, especially when they need it most, brings me the most joy. When I can help myself, I can also help others, and that’s what happiness means to me.”

Kiran who is a versatile actor adds, “I’ve often said that it’s subjective, but in my career, I feel immense joy when I get a challenging character that pushes me beyond my limits. When I face my doubts about doing well in the role and then see it taking shape, albeit not perfectly, it brings me a lot of happiness. My happiness is tied to the journey of portraying a character rather than any awards or recognition. Awards are fleeting, but the impact of embodying different characters and resonating with people lasts forever. Seeing people appreciate my work and recognizing the effort I put in brings me happiness because it means my work is reaching them. That’s why my happiness is deeply connected to my career, and not to accolades.”

Often people don’t create the right balance between professional and personal life so how Kiran manages to strike the balance. She says, “I believe that doing your work well, genuinely, brings professional happiness, while personal happiness comes from how you interact with others. I’ve never seen anyone genuinely happy after an argument; they usually stay angry or upset. But when someone spends time with a child, helps an elderly person, or enjoys time with friends, even if they’re tired afterwards, they spread happiness and also feel happy themselves. That’s how I think my personal happiness depends on these things, and it’s how I balance my personal and professional life. I still remember that moment vividly because I never thought I would be selected for the National School of Drama (NSD) since I had never lived away from home before. So, when I got admission to NSD on my second attempt, it felt like a huge achievement for me. When I called to inquire about the results and they confirmed my name on the list, I kept asking them repeatedly if it was indeed my name, Kiran Datta Khoje. When they confirmed, telling me to pack my bags and come, the happiness I felt was indescribable. It was a significant milestone in my life because I had never lived away from home before, and I never imagined I would study and pursue my passion for acting in the capital city. That’s what I truly wanted to do with all my heart, so that moment brought me immense joy.”

Kiran also shares her sources for instant happiness. She says, “When I have a strong craving for tea and finally get my hands on my favorite cup, it brings me instant happiness. Listening to my favorite music, especially old songs, also lifts my spirits. Cooking, both for myself and for others, brings me immense joy. Even reading also brings me happiness. But perhaps the greatest joy comes from cooking delicious meals for myself and sharing them with others.”

Kiran also conveys a strong message to her fans and followers. She says, “To be kind to each other, and remember that your happiness depends on yourself, not on someone else making you happy. If you stay strong and learn to keep yourself happy, you’ll be able to spread happiness to others effortlessly. You don’t have to work hard to make others happy; just focus on your own happiness. And on those days when you feel down or sad, it’s okay to accept those feelings. By acknowledging them, you might find happiness waiting for you around the corner.“

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