Kiran Khoje: The feedback on Terav has been really good

Kiran Khoje is very happy with the response she is getting for her role in the Marathi film Terav. She plays the role of a farmer’s widow in the movie, which revolves around farmers’ suicide and the hardships their families go through after that.

She said, “The feedback has been really good. People who watched the movie really enjoyed it. The movie talks about different things, like how a farmer’s wife manages the household and takes a stand for herself. It also shows the lives of young widows who are around 22–23 years old, and how they cope after their husbands’ deaths. These stories are based on real incidents that happened in the Vidharb areas of Maharashtra, where farmers have been committing suicide, leaving their wives and children to fend for themselves. Some girls in the movie want to pursue education, but they are forced into marriage.”

“The film also follows their struggle to study and how they eventually leave home to pursue their dreams. It is an important subject to discuss on how women can bring change and stand for themselves. It covers many important topics, which is a unique aspect of Marathi films. Unfortunately, Marathi films don’t get much screening time in theaters or multiplexes, often only staying for 3–4 days with odd show timings. We’ve faced this challenge with our film too. Despite this, many people have watched and enjoyed the movie,” she added.

Kiran has been a part of both the Bollywood and Marathi film industries. However, comparing the Marathi and Hindi films she confessed that both have interesting stories. “Marathi movies often focus on real-life situations, which I find intriguing. Hindi commercial films, on the other hand, have their own style, and I enjoy acting in those too,” she said, adding that Hindi movies reach a wider audience, which can help connect with more people.

She further said, “Hindi films usually have bigger budgets, which sets them apart. Nowadays, there are many excellent regional films with unique ideas. For example, Assamese movies often explore themes that are deeply rooted in their culture and traditions.” 

While Kiran has not done any daily soaps recently and is not specific about the platform she works on, she said she is open to doing it if and when an opportunity arises.

“I don’t deliberately choose one over the other. I think it’s important to explore all kinds of acting platforms. Acting isn’t limited to just movies, web series, or TV; there are various opportunities. What’s important is how you perform. TV acting has its own style and rules, and I’m open to doing daily soaps if the opportunity arises,” she said. 

She is on the lookout for challenging and out-of-the box characters and would like to try the comedy genre too. 

“I enjoy doing mainstream movies and TV shows, and I’m interested in trying out web series and short films too. What matters most to me is finding roles that make me happy and allow me to play challenging characters. I also want to give comedy a shot, even though it’s a different style of acting and not easy. Trying new things like this will help me grow as an actor and give me fresh experiences.”

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