LALIGA Concludes Extra Time Webinar Series: Discussing Sports Culture Development in India

Continuing to work alongside stakeholders from the sports fraternity, LALIGA, the world’s largest football ecosystem, brought the curtains down on this season’s ‘EXTRA TIME’ webinar series in the presence of delegates from JSW Sports, Football Sports Development Limited & Sevilla Fútbol Club. Engaging in discussions related to the building of sporting culture in the country, the panel insightfully brought to the fore how synergies, cross-engagement, and strategies across sports can benefit the greater ecosystem.

Diving into topics related to social media strategies, infrastructure development, rural expansion an hero cultures, the conversation spoke about how culture in India, needs to be relooked through the lens of softer aspects. Speaking about player development, and coaching education, the panel spoke about the need for development at the grassroots level; Providing platforms that will in turn bring more eyeballs to respective sporting disciplines through performances on global stages.

Speaking at a LALIGA Extra Time Webinar, José María Del Nido Carrasco, President, Sevilla Fútbol Club said, “Through social media, Sevilla is able to awaken and engage with the Indian region for which we have seen an increase in approx. +1000% in our social media followers. Football is growing in India, and we want to be present in this market to help Indian sports institutions and their sports academies with our knowledge of the football industry at both a sports and corporate level.”

Chirag Tanna, General Manager, FSDL said, “Good access to youth coaches at the grassroots level, along with competitive competition is the way forward. India does not lack infrastructure, but how the same is used is of utmost importance. Development of athletes must take precedence, and this must happen at an early age.”

Divyanshu Singh, Chief Operating Officer, JSW Sports, added, “The quality of coaches and player pathways must be looked at more minutely. Being self-sustainable within the ecosystem is important, while also engaging through ‘hero stories’. Athletics and Neeraj Chopra is a good example of how a single athlete can inspire culture and following for a sport."

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