Launch of Ocean’s Breath, New Art Installation at Dakshinachitra Museum, Chennai

The walls between Art and Engineering are crumbling as the collaboration between eminent visual artist Parvathi Nayar and Forms and Gears, one of India’s oldest and best reputed fixture building companies, gives birth to the marvel named Ocean’s Breath. This groundbreaking fusion of artistry and engineering will be unveiled as a part of the permanent exhibit, The Living Ocean, at Dakshinachitra Museum, Chennai, on April 13, 2024.

Ocean’s Breath is more than just an installation; it is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of divergent disciplines. Inspired by the microscopic diatoms that inhabit our oceans, this artwork encapsulates the delicate yet vital essence of marine life. Diatoms, often overlooked, contribute significantly to the oxygen we breathe, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Parvathi Nayar’s artistic vision, coupled with Forms and Gears’ technical expertise, gave rise to a masterpiece that transcends traditional boundaries. Through meticulous experimentation with various metals and engineering processes, the team breathed life into Parvathi’s drawings, preserving their integrity in a three-dimensional metal form.

Reji Varghese, Partner of Forms and Gears, reflects on the transformative journey of collaboration, stating, “Working with Parvathi was akin to learning to ‘see again’. It required us to shed the colored lenses of engineers and embrace a holistic perspective, where intuition and creativity reign supreme.”

The process was arduous, marked by numerous challenges and triumphs. From crafting intricate diatoms to ensuring structural stability, each step demanded a delicate balance of artistry and precision. Yet, through perseverance and ingenuity, the team overcame obstacles, culminating in a breathtaking artwork spanning 3.5 meters by 4 meters.

Ocean’s Breath is not merely a static piece; it is a catalyst for future collaborations between art and engineering. Parvathi and Reji envision a world where technology and creativity intertwine, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. As Reji aptly observes, “New technology and advanced manufacturing techniques have expanded the artistic toolbox, paving the way for unprecedented innovation.”


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