Madhav’a Risky Mission: Vidya Begs Armaan to Stop Him

In today’s episode, Abhira tries to help Vidya, who falls unconscious. Abhira asks the worker to call the doctor and decides to take Vidya to her room. When Armaan learns about Vidya’s condition, he becomes worried about her health and gets emotional. Vidya regains her consciousness and tells Armaan that Madhav is going on a risky mission. She asks Armaan to stop Madhav, but he says Madhav won’t listen.

Ruhi and Surekha discuss Manish and Ruhi’s plan for a holiday for him. They are stunned to know that Sushant is trying to take over the house. Abhira tells Madhav about Vidya’s condition. Madhav decides to take a shortcut to meet Vidya. Armaan questions Madhav’s move to meet Vidya secretly. Abhira and Armaan help Madhav to climb the ladder so that he can sneak in through the window and meet Vidya Madhav asks Armaan to take care of Vidya.

Later in the outhouse, Madhav realizes he has been locked in by Abhira. Abhira tries to stop Madhav, but he asks Abhira to behave professionally and to open the lock. Madhav assures Abhira that he will return safely. Abhira asks Madhav to keep his promise. Vidya worries about Madhav and gets angry at Abhira for not stopping Madhav.

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