Madhav's Grand Gesture: Surprises Abhira with a Scooter, Leaving Everyone in Awe

In today’s episode, Ruhi arrives at the Goenka house and instructs Sushant and his men to keep everything in the same place. She assures him that she has already sent an initial payment and will settle the remaining amount within six months. Ruhi reveals to Manish that she sold her jewelry designs to get money.

On the other hand, Abhira sees a picture of herself with her mom on her phone and asks for blessings. Armaan comes to the outhouse and gives Abhira a turtle, but she leaves. The kids surprise Abhira with a cake for her first practice. They all cut the cake together. Abhira tells Charu that if she wants, she should start working again, but Dadi Sa arrives and tells everyone to leave. Dadi Sa then tells Abhira that she runs such a big law firm and knows who will succeed and who won’t. Abhira warns Dadi Sa not to say a word about her mom. Dadi Sa says she has brought a gift for Abhira and gives her a coin, saying that success comes not from destiny but from hard work. Abhira says that this is the best shagun coin to start her work and promises to become one of the best lawyers, proving Dadi Sa wrong.

Madhav meets Abhira and surprises her with a scooter. Everyone at the Poddar house is shocked. Armaan is happy to see her happy. Krish and the other kids take a selfie, and Chachi Sa gives the Aarti plate to Madhav to do the aarti of the scooter. Seeing all this Dadi Sa gets furious and she sits in the car and hits Abhira’s scooter. Armaan argues with Dadi Sa and gives his car keys to Krish, saying that materialistic things don’t matter to him as his only destination is Abhira. He tells Dadi Sa that the pain she gives to Abhira, he will give to himself.

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