Madirakshi Mundle: Shaina is the negative lead in the show

Actor Madirakshi Mundle, who plays the role of Shaina in the show Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, says that she loves the concept of the show. She is confident that the audience will love her character graph as well.

“Shaina is the negative lead in the show. The concept is very interesting where even death cannot intervene between two souls. The theme is re-incarnation and I am playing such a character for the first time ever,” she says, adding, “Shaina comes from an extremely rich family and has a complicated character arc. It is a very glamorous and bold character. I am playing the negative lead, so, naturally there is an angle where there’s opposing claims for male lead’s attention. She is also not averse to employing tactics that will shock audiences to secure her claim to love. Everything is fair in love and war as they say.”

Talking about her character graph and dialogues, she says, “Well, for one, my dialogues are in everyday Hindi and English. My costumes are also very modern compared to what I’ve donned previously for my characters on other shows. Playing a negative lead is something I am enjoying and am already being associated with the character when I step out in public places.”

The actor has mostly been associated with mythological shows. Talking about her experience of doing a fiction show, she says, “I have done fiction before as well. But this is definitely the first time I am playing a full-blown negative lead. There is a lot of attention to my dress, costumes, and make-up. It’s also unlike anything I’ve done before and I am liking it. It’s a refreshing and welcome progression in the type of roles I’ve played.”

She adds, “I love all the beautiful sarees I am wearing for the show along with the accessories that the costume designer has selected for my character. My scene settings are expensive looking and I am loving every bit of it!”

Ask her how she preps for her character, she says, “The creative brief is a big input. The dialogues and scenes then take care of the rest. Ultimately as an actor, it is what you do with this that moulds a character. I want to take the chance to thank my colleagues on the project as well.”

She adds, “I make it a point to often check my performance when I get home. It’s work and like most people I end up discussing it as well when I get home.”

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