Maharashtra Cultural Centre to start  ‘Pune Gallery of Visual Arts’

Pune has a rich heritage of Visual Art with the legacy of erstwhile legendary artist Gangaram Tambat, who is considered the father of this art form. From the Peshwa times to today’s modern times, Pune has borne many well-known artists whose art forms are showcased across the globe. To bring all such artforms of celebrated artists under one roof, Maharashtra Cultural Centre has come up with ‘Pune Gallery of Visual Arts’ at Maharashtra Cultural Center (MCC) Hub that houses Jyotsna Bhole Sabhagruha and Shreeram Lagoo Rang Avakash.

The gallery is set to be opened on March 3, 2024 at 11am at Shreeram Lagoo Rang Avakash by distinguished artist Sudhir Patwardhan in the presence of Artist Jayant Joshi and Artist Sudhakar Chavhan as the chief guests of the opening ceremony.

Speaking about the initiative, Pramod Kale- Co-ordinator, Pune Gallery for Visual arts, said, “Pune has a rich heritage of Visual Art, however there is no dedicated place for connoisseurs to visit and appreciate this art form created by art stalwarts. This was the thought behind setting up a permanent art gallery at MCC Hub which will house Visual Art by legendary artists of today and yesteryears.”

Rajesh Deshmukh- Secretary of the Maharashtra Cultural Centre said, “Maharashtra Cultural Centre is always looking at ways to promote art forms of varied kinds. For the display at Pune Gallery For Visual Art, we invited artists to submit one creation each to our gallery and we received an overwhelming response from all of them. We are trying to get copies of Artwork of deceased artists whose original artwork is now not available.”

The Pune Gallery of Visual Arts will showcase paintings, sketches, photographs, and sculptures by renowned artists like Sudhir Patwardhan, Suhas Bahulkar, Bhaskar Hande, Jayant Joshi, Satish Paknikar, Milind Dhere, Sandesh Bhandare, Sudhakar Chavan and many more young and budding artists.

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