Manjari Mishra: Maha Shivratri is a day of devotion, purification and seeking enlightenment for me

Manjari Mishra who was seen in Gujarati film Fuleku, Bollywood film Rocket Gang, and the short film Main Tumhara, says that, for her, Maha Shivratri is all about spiritual awakening for her. She says that she celebrates the festival in a big way.

“Maha Shivratri, celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva, holds great significance in Hinduism. It marks the night of Shiva’s cosmic dance, symbolising the destruction of ignorance and the awakening of spiritual knowledge. Devotees observe fasting, offer prayers, and engage in meditation to seek blessings, inner peace, and strength. It’s a time for spiritual reflection and devotion to Lord Shiva,” she says.

She adds, “On this day, the focus is on devotion, purification, and seeking spiritual enlightenment. As a devotee, I make sure to consume only specific foods or abstain from food altogether.”

Ask her how embracing the spirit of Maha Shivratri influenced and benefited her growth as an individual, and she says,” “Embracing the spirit of lord shiva often involves fostering qualities like devotion, self-discipline, and spiritual awareness. The rituals and practices associated with the festival can contribute to a sense of inner peace, mindfulness, and a connection to higher consciousness, enriching one’s spiritual journey.”

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