Meghan Jadhav: Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak has been part of my childhood

Actor Meghan Jadhav, who is part of the show Qayamat se Qayamat Tak, says that he was instantly struck by nostalgia when he heard the title. He adds that he was thrilled be reminded of Aamir Khan’s track by the same name. The actor plays the role of Chirag in the Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions (MAJ).

“Like me, anyone who’s born in the 90’s knows about the Iconic Amir Khan film. I have grown up watching that film, and listening to the songs. So, the song title, ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’ has been a part of my childhood. And when I got to know they are making a show with the same name, I immediately felt a little nostalgia surrounding the show,” he says, adding, “As a kid, we all hated when the hero heroine dies in the film but when I was narrated the story of this show, I was happy knowing there’s a reincarnation. As a film lover, I was happy knowing the couple will get together again. But bringing some of those elements in the show for the new age audience was very unique.”

Talking about how this show is special, she says, “In almost two decades of my career, I have mainly played positive roles. And this time the team approached me for the negative lead. The role came to me at the time when I was actually looking forward for something different. And grey-shade roles are pretty unique, so I was immediately game for it. In fact, now I’m more open to playing antagonists as well.”

His character is also very close to his heart. “Chiraag is basically the most interesting character of the show. His agenda is clear due his childhood trauma’s and he’s looking to avenge it. So, he’d do anything to destroy Raj’s family despite being his own blood. He’s not evil but he wants justice for his widowed mother and he’s only fighting for his birthright. In reality I’m completely opposite to this character. So, there’s nothing I can relate to the role,” he says.

The show has completed 50 episodes, and each day has been special for the actor. “We shot a lot of outdoor for the show. So I remember shooting in a remote location of Mahabaleshwar. But the place is full of mountains so it was a night outdoor and the car driver mistakenly took us to a different mountain altogether. There wasn’t any GPS or network working so I remember getting on the right location after a long struggle. Eventually, we shot there all night in cold winters. And the scene was a car chase. So, looking at all the aspects it wasn’t an easy scene to shoot in those conditions but it was definitely memorable,” he says.

He loves the bond he shares with the rest of the team as well. “The bond has always been pretty good since I have worked with most of my co-actors in previous shows before. Karam is like that one guy with whom I can talk the whole day about movies about sports about almost everything. So, we share a great camaraderie. Along with the fun part I’d say every individual is professional and wants to make a good project out of this so when everyone shares one common goal the atmosphere stays good.”

Talking about working with MAJ Productions, he says, “It’s my first time working with both of them and every scene I have shot so far have been very different from what I have seen. That shows they are visionary creators.”

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