Mehul Nisar: Rajan Shahi's Anupamaa is like home to me

Actor Mehul Nisar, who plays the role of Bhavesh in Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa, says that he loves being part of the show. The actor says that his character is multi-layered and has a lot more to give to the story.

“Anupamaa is like home to me. Whenever the creatives have approached me, I have always come back to Anupamaa and will always keep coming back. I was very happy to be back as Bhavesh,” he says. 

Talking about how things have changed on the set, he says, “Honestly, it was just the same. I shot with Rupali after 8 months but I did not feel any difference. We were as comfortable as ever.”

He adds, “Rupali and I share a very special bond. I consider Rupali as my sister since the beginning of the show. In my 26 years of career, I have not made any sisters or brothers, all are my friends, except for Rupali. I don’t have a real sister in my personal life and I consider Rupali as my only real sister. The whole group sits together and has lunch on the set. That’s where all the Masti, gossip and fun happens.”

His track is rather interesting this time around as well, he says, adding, “After coming back to India, Anu is staying with her brother Bhavesh. After Kanta Ma’s death, Bhavesh has also become very lonely so he is very happy to have Anu around as company. The scenes between me and Anu have very good chemistry and a very good feel to them.”

The audience too has been loving his return. “From what I have been reading on social media and people I meet in my personal life, they are loving the brother-sister bond between Anu and Bhavesh.”

Working with Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi is blissful, he says, adding, “Working with Deepa ji and Rajan sir has been so smooth and comfortable. They treat you like your extended family. Not many know but Rajan Sir directed me 25 years ago for a TV show produced by Vishesh Films.”

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