Mouli Ganguly on Working with Husband Mazher Sayed in Janani - AI Ki Kahani

In an exciting turn of events, Mouli Ganguly and her husband Mazher Sayed have been sharing the screen for the past month in the MAJ Productions (Mrinal Abhigyan Jha Productions) show, Janani - Ai Ki Kahani, airing on Dangal TV. Fans are thrilled to see the couple working together again, especially after nearly two decades since their last significant collaboration. This time, they are playing a couple on-screen, adding a unique dynamic to their professional and personal lives.

Mouli expressed her delight about this opportunity, saying, “It’s the first time we are working opposite each other. Thanks to MAJ Productions for this opportunity. I’m really enjoying this experience.” The couple’s chemistry, both off and on-screen, has added a layer of authenticity and depth to their characters, making the show even more engaging for the viewers. Reflecting on their past collaborations, Mouli shared, “After almost two decades, it feels refreshing to be working together again. Back then, during ‘Kahin Kissi Roz’, we were not cast opposite each other, so this experience is entirely new and exciting.”

Their last major appearance together was in the dance reality show Nach Baliye, where they performed as a couple, showcasing their strong partnership and chemistry. Working with a spouse can be a unique experience, and for Mouli and Mazher, it has been nothing short of enjoyable. “It’s really relaxed because coming together, going home together, and getting to spend time together is so much fun. Otherwise, we usually share each other’s set stories. This time, it’s the same story,” Mouli remarked with a smile. The shared experiences and mutual understanding have made their time on set enjoyable and stress-free. Their portrayal of a couple on Janani - Ai Ki Kahani has been well-received, with fans appreciating the authenticity they bring to their roles. The familiarity and comfort they share in real life seamlessly translate into their on-screen performances, making their characters believable and relatable. Over the past month, the journey from being co-actors in different projects to playing a couple on-screen has been a remarkable one for Mouli and Mazher.

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