Navari Mile Hitlerla: Vallari and Raqesh’s First Encounter on Set

As Navari Mile Hitlerla gears up to hit the TV screens from March 18, viewers are eagerly awaiting to meet the characters who will grace their screens. In a recent promo, lead actor Vallari Viraj spoke about her role and her initial interactions with co-star Raqesh Bapat.

Vallari opened up about the unexpected turn of events that led to her selection for the role of Leela. She recalled receiving a call for an audition within two days, which ultimately culminated in her landing the part. Despite her initial apprehensions about multiple audition rounds, she was pleasantly surprised to learn that her first audition sealed the deal. Reflecting on her character, Vallari expressed her excitement at portraying Leela and the joy of forming genuine friendships with her co-stars. She emphasized how acting is not just about performing but also about building meaningful connections with fellow actors.

On the other hand, Raqesh shared his experience of meeting Vallari for the first time during a look test. Nervous about the chemistry required for their roles, Raqesh admitted feeling the pressure, especially considering Vallari’s impressive dialogue delivery. However, upon meeting her, he realized how effortlessly they clicked. Their chemistry during the look test was evident, setting the stage for a successful on-screen partnership.

The promo of Navari Mile Hitlerla also offered glimpses into the camaraderie between Vallari and Raqesh during the shoot. The imperfect yet perfect pairing of Vallari and Raqesh promises to be the heart and soul of the show, adding depth and authenticity to their characters’ love story.

Don’t miss the imperfect love story of Navari Mile Hitlerla, airing every night at 10 pm, exclusively on Zee Marathi.

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