Navri Mile Hitlerla: The Beginning of Perfect Hitler's Imperfect Marriage

The show Navri Mile Hitlerla is taking many interesting twists and turns, capturing the audience’s attention. Viewers are particularly fond of the pairing of Abhiram and Leela. Recently, on Vat Purnima, Leela performed 1001 circumambulations around a banyan tree for AJ. It seemed that their relationship was finally on track. However, not everything can be sweet and smooth in AJ and Leela’s life. Slowly, their marital journey is progressing. Following Granny’s advice, both agree to share a room. For two people who can’t stand each other, living in the same room is going to be a real challenge. AJ can’t sleep without an AC, while poor Leela freezes in it. Leela is afraid of the dark, but AJ can’t sleep with the lights on. This is just the beginning of their imperfect marriage.

Amidst all this, the day of AJ and Leela’s reception arrives. Leela is strictly instructed not to speak in front of the media. But where Leela is concerned, the unexpected is bound to happen. When the media questions her, Leela gets so flustered that she ends up saying something that shocks everyone, just as AJ arrives. Leela’s friend Vasundhara also makes a special appearance at the reception.

What does Leela say something so shocking in front of the media? Can AJ handle the situation? You can find out all this and more on Navri Mile Hitlerla every night at 10pm, only on Zee Marathi.

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