New holistic wellness venue at Four Seasons Resort Maldives, Kuda Huraa

The Island Spa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa has enhanced its holistic wellness offerings with the launch of The Healing Tent: a dedicated 18-foot (5.5 metre) sanctuary for private wellbeing journeys that offer an intimate connection with nature, ancestral knowledge and one’s own core being.

Revered across cultures for their grounding energy, healing tents are transformative havens where spiritual wisdom and self-awareness align. The ground represents the earth; the canopy walls represent the sky – and the supporting poles connect the earth to the energetic realm.

The Healing Tent Experience: Transform in Nature

Within the cocooning embrace of The Healing Tent, visitors to The Island Spa can choose from four transformational experiences:

The Healing Tent Ritual: A holistic blend of Reiki and sound healing followed by guided breathwork and ice bath therapy for complete rejuvenation.

Breathwork and Ice Bath Therapy: Breathwork followed by an invigorating ice bath immersion to boost blood flow, immune system function, muscle recovery, stress relief and sleep quality.

Chakra Meditation: A balancing experience featuring pranayama (breathwork) and meditative relaxation techniques, enriched by the warmth of energy crystals.

Reiki Energy Healing: Therapeutic healing combined with energy crystals and powerful singing bowl therapy to align the chakras, reduce stress, and boost health and vitality.

Commenting on the launch of The Healing Tent at The Island Spa, Luisa Anderson, Regional Director of Spa says: “Far from being just an uplifting treat, research increasingly shows that incorporating meaningful holistic practices into our lives has profound and lasting effects on our overall wellbeing, from reducing anxiety, depression and burnout to improving emotional regulation and self-awareness. With the launch of The Healing Tent, we hope to encourage more visitors to Kuda Huraa to take a proactive approach to their own wellbeing; it’s a beautiful way to boost physical and mental care in one.”

To experience the transformational energy of The Healing Tent at The Island Spa at Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa, mail: [email protected] or call the central reservations department of Four Seasons Resorts Maldives at tel: (960) 66 00 888.

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