Nitin Bhajan: I believe that the death penalty is the most fitting consequence for rape

Actor Nitin Bhajan, who was last seen in movie Chandu Champion, stands by this decision, and says that there is no bigger crime than rape.

“As an actor and a responsible citizen, I firmly believe that gang rape, especially against minors, is a heinous crime that can never be forgiven. The brutality and violence inflicted upon a child, who represents our future generation and has yet to experience life, is unbearable. This crime destroys their innocence, shatters their dreams, and leaves them scarred for life. In my opinion, there is no crime worse than this, and it is our responsibility to ensure that justice is served and such criminals are punished severely. The victims, particularly minors, are extremely vulnerable and have their whole lives ahead of them. They have just started living, and their lives are brutally cut short. The consequences they face after rape are disturbing, and it is challenging for parents to come to terms with it. The judiciary system and police are supposed to protect human rights, but they often fail to deliver. This leads to a loss of faith in the system, and the victim’s life is never the same,” he says.

Talking about rape of minors, he says, “In my opinion, the crime of gang rape against minors is so heinous that it is unforgivable. We consider various punishments, such as the death penalty, life imprisonment, or other measures, but ultimately, the victim deserves a life that we cannot provide after the incident. The brutality of the crime is immense, and primarily, I believe that the death penalty is the most fitting consequence for such a heinous act. The biggest immediate change that comes from such harsh punishments is the strong message that resonates in people’s minds - we will not tolerate heinous crimes like this, and those found guilty will face similar consequences. This decision sets a precedent and gives hope to victims’ families that they will get justice and satisfaction. Our laws should be strong enough to deter people from committing such crimes in the first place.”

He adds that there is nothing better than death penalty and this will surely change the frequency of these crimes. “I believe the death penalty is the ultimate solution to prevent heinous crimes like gang rape. It sends a strong message to society, giving confidence to the victims’ families and the public that justice will be served. However, the implementation and enforcement of this punishment are crucial. We need fast-track courts, tamper-free evidence, and an efficient legal system to ensure that the law is upheld. Only then can we see a significant reduction in crime rates. The current system has flaws, and influential people often escape punishment. We need strict and timely enforcement of the law, so that victims get justice and perpetrators are held accountable,” he says.

Although he adds that education and poverty also need to be dealt with first. “I understand that the death penalty might not be the sole solution to prevent crimes like gang rape. Society’s deeper issues, such as lack of education, poverty, and unhealthy relationships, need to be addressed. We need to understand that these issues are deeply rooted in our culture and will take time to change. Education and awareness from the grassroots level, starting from schools and colleges, are essential. Strict laws and punishments alone cannot solve the problem. We need to work on changing the mindset of society, especially men, to respect women and treat them as equals. Only then can we hope to see a significant reduction in crimes against women. This requires a long-term effort, but it’s the only way to bring about real change,” he says.

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