Nitish Chavan: Thanks to My Character Suryadada, I Get to Play a Big Brother

Zee Marathi is bringing a feast of entertainment for its viewers, presenting a platter of shows to cater to their tastes. This platter now includes a new show, Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada. Based on the bond between a brother and his sisters, the show features actor Nitish Chavan in the lead role, portraying Suryadada. While discussing his role in the show, Nitish shared how he landed the part and who his real-life Dada is.

“I received a call from Khambesir of Vajra Productions about Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada. He told me that the story revolves around a brother and his four sisters. After hearing a bit of the storyline, I found it intriguing and called Khambesir back. We talked further, and I decided to be a part of this show. My first show was also with Zee Marathi and Vajra Productions, and now it feels like I’m back with my people. All the old memories are flashing before my eyes. When you are among your people, it feels like a safe environment, and it boosts your energy to work.”

Speaking about his preparation for the role of Suryadada, Nitish mentioned, “I don’t have a real sister, but there is an example in my house similar to Suryadada. My uncle has four sisters, just like Suryadada. The second sister among them is my mother. I have seen their relationship since childhood—how my uncle takes care of his sisters and how much they love him. I have imbibed these aspects into Suryadada’s character in Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada. In the show, Suryadada is responsible for his four sisters. In real life, I’m not a Dada to anyone, but I have a Dada named Nilesh. The audience’s response has been tremendous. I’ve received messages saying they were eagerly waiting for me, and the fact that I’m returning on Zee Marathi adds to the joy. Suryadada’s look is also being discussed, and people are liking it. It feels great to see the positive response.

“Please give your immense love to Lakhat Ek Amcha Dada and don’t forget to watch it from July 8 at 8.30pm only on Zee Marathi,” he adds.

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