Nitu Joshi of Miam Charitable Trust and Jeetendra Pardeshi of BMC Plant Trees on World Environment Day

In celebration of World Environment Day, Nitu Joshi of Miam Charitable Trust and Jeetendra Pardeshi, Superintendent of BMC Gardens, planted a unique Red Sandalwood tree along with other varieties at Walawalkar Garden in Oshiwara, Andheri West. This planting marks a significant addition to Mumbai’s diverse urban greenery.

Nitu Joshi, a prominent figure in social work, has made remarkable contributions to the lives of tribal and farmer communities in the Nashik region over the past two years through the MIAM Charitable Trust. Her efforts in distributing free study materials and facilitating educational opportunities have empowered numerous youngsters to pursue their aspirations. One notable success story is of a student who cleared the UPSC examination, thanks to her support.

Nitu Joshi’s philanthropic endeavors extend beyond education. She provides essentials like notebooks and T-shirts to underprivileged children in and around Nashik. Her initiatives also encompass animal welfare activities and environmental conservation efforts, showcasing a comprehensive approach to social upliftment. Under her leadership, the MIAM Charitable Trust has become a beacon of hope for orphaned children and marginalized communities.

Nitu Joshi’s commitment to environmental conservation is evident in her recent tree-planting activity. By planting a Red Sandalwood tree, a unique variety in Mumbai, she aims to promote urban biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Her dedication to society’s welfare has earned her accolades and a deep sense of fulfillment from making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Jeetendra Pardeshi, Superintendent of BMC Gardens, emphasized the importance of tree planting in combating climate change. “Our aim is to plant as many trees as possible within the entire BMC jurisdiction to mitigate the urban heat island effect and combat climate change,” he stated. This initiative highlights BMC’s commitment to enhancing Mumbai’s green cover and promoting a healthier environment for its residents.

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