Padma Lakshmi: Grateful to those who bullied me in my youth

At the ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0, Padma Lakshmi, Global icon, Emmy-nominated producer, TV host, Author and Activist and Food expert, Padma Lakshmi talks about diversity, authenticity and beauty in her session titled, ‘Taste the Nation’.

Talking about her growing up years, Padma Lakshmi, commented, “Born at Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi, my heart still belongs there, especially for its unbeatable Chaat and street food. My upbringing was a blend of New York and Chennai, enriching my early years with diverse experiences. I encourage people to travel and explore, to immerse themselves in new cultures, and to embark on journeys. Traveling before the weight of family responsibilities anchors you is crucial.”

Talking about her life and career, she said, “Without a mentor or a guidebook, I navigated my career by seizing every opportunity that came my way, a lesson I emphasize to those I mentor. The hurdles I once saw as obstacles have been the very pillars of my success. From the scar on my arm from an accident in Los Angeles to the color of my skin, my struggle with endometriosis, each aspect has taught me the subjective nature of beauty standards. Also, I am very grateful to those who bullied and shamed me in my growing years; it made me stronger My ultimate goal is to make my family proud. Crafting your own ethical compass and acting on what feels right leads you to your true path. The inner voice you heed acts like a muscle; the more attention you give it, the stronger it becomes.”

The ABP Network’s ‘Ideas of India’ Summit 3.0 spotlighting the ‘The People’s Agenda’ brought a confluence of ideas and ideators to a common platform celebrating the country’s people and its plurality. The two-day summit hosted policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, business leaders, economists, and leading luminaries to delve into the fundamental ideas of liberty, justice, equality, and diversity that define India, its society, culture, and politics. The meaningful deliberations on diverse topics had the brightest minds across sectors providing insights about the nation’s trajectory and its journey to become Viksit Bharat.

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