Pari Bhatti: TV surely gives instant popularity, but it depends on your character

Pari Bhatti, who plays the role of Juhi Jadhav (Sailee’s younger sister) in Rahul Tewary a s Rolling Tales Production’s Udne Ki Aasha, says that TV surely makes you popular, but your character needs to be loved. She adds that once you have the love of the fans, everything is easy.

“TV surely gives instant popularity, which I have personally experienced as well. However, it definitely isn’t limited to one or two shows. Honestly, I feel it depends on the actor and their ability to play various characters, which makes them versatile. That quality allows an actor to do several shows,” she says.

She adds, “If the fans love you and you love your work, it is definitely easy to maintain success in this industry.”

Talking about her role, she says, “Juhi is a girl with a bubbly and sweet personality. I am the same way in real life; I am a very bubbly person who loves fun, which makes me happy to play my character.”

Meanwhile, she says that a good atmosphere on the set is very important to perform well. “If the environment on set is happy and jolly, it allows us actors to work pleasantly and happily, making us enjoy our work more. Our pranks usually involve scaring each other from behind or shouting suddenly. It’s nothing too much, but it’s fun,” she says.

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