Parleen Gill: Divorce is not the end but rather a new beginning

Former Indian Idol 3 contestant Parleen Gill has entered a new phase of life following his divorce from his first wife, Aakriti Rana. He has now embraced a new beginning with his longtime friend Blondelle, nurturing a 15-year friendship into a profound and meaningful love. The lovely couple Parleen Gill and Blondelle, tied the knot on March 3 in Pune in a beautiful and intimate ceremony, surrounded by dear loved ones and close friends.

With acclaimed performances on Indian Idol Season 3, Parleen Gill has consistently impressed audiences with his remarkable singing and dancing skills from a young age. His elimination round song Lai Vi Na Gayi garnered widespread popularity as an emotional farewell song, subsequently achieving viral status on YouTube with over 45 million views. His collaboration with the renowned F4 Band led to the release of the hit album Tu Toh Na Aayi in 2008, firmly establishing him as a rising star in the music industry. Beyond music, Parleen has demonstrated versatility as an entertainer through his engaging role as a radio jockey at Dubai’s Vibe FM 105.4, where his charismatic presence continues to captivate listeners.

As he reflects on the separation phase and embarks on a new chapter, Parleen Gill says “In a society where divorce is often stigmatized, I believe divorce is not the end but rather a new beginning. It fosters self-discovery and personal growth, paving the way for second chances at happiness and fulfillment in love. Finding love after divorce offers a second chance at happiness and fulfillment in love. It allows you to create new memories, share experiences and build a future finally with a partner who appreciates and supports you.” 

Former colleagues at a radio station in 2011-12, Blondelle, a sound engineer and station head at Vibe FM 105.4 in the UAE and Parleen, bonded over the years, evolving from friendship to love and culminating in marriage. Their journey, akin to a fairytale, has weathered challenges, showcasing resilience and the joy found in love amidst adversity. Parleen, engaged in live performances on global stages and consistently releasing solo musical creations, demonstrates unwavering dedication to his craft. Concurrently, Blondelle, as Vibe FM 105.4’s sound engineer and station head, brings her proficiency in voice artistry and audio engineering. Beyond her professional life, Blondelle shares a passion for motorcycle rides and curating a unique collection aligned with her personal interests.

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