Pattern Launches Hair Care Ranges to Monsoon Proof Your Hair

Major hair fall strikes every household as soon as monsoon hits. The season gives us a massive setback when we see hair almost everywhere in our homes and we often almost instantly reach out for hair fall solutions. Pattern believes that choosing a hair care range by identifying the hair type and concern can help maintain healthy mane and reduce hair fall.

The freshly launched brand debuts with its hair care range of 9 variants targeting varied hair types like dull, colored, curly and concerns like dry, frizzy, itchy and ultra sensitive scalp.

Pattern’s Nourishing Range
Indulge your hair in the exquisite care it craves with Pattern’s Nourishing hair care shampoo and conditioner. The Nourishing shampoo enhances the overall tone and texture of your hair, providing intense nutrition and strength from root to tip. It cleanses and revitalizes dry and damaged hair and replenishes them with moisture and comfort. The Nourishing conditioner helps to soften and smoothen dry ends, by nourishing each and every strand.

This range is infused with pumpkin seed extracts rich in omega 3 fatty acids and other essential nutrients that strengthen the hair follicles. It also adds shine and radiance to the hair. It contains tea tree oil rich in antifungal and antibacterial properties which helps to prevent scalp dryness and also deep cleanses the scalp. The shea butter in its formula helps prevent hair damage and split ends. It further reduces scalp dryness and irritation while stimulating the hair follicles. It’s a perfect solution to a healthy scalp, tackling hair frizz and leaving every strand shiny and manageable.

This range is apt to be used on alternate days. Every product from the brand is vegan, cruelty free and free from harmful chemicals.

Priced at INR 2012, this range can be purchased from: Also available on Amazon, Flipkart and other leading ecom platforms.

Pattern’s Advanced Care Range
Pattern’s Advance Care range is a luxurious treat that your hair deserves. This range is a haircare gem that brings life back into damaged, over-processed hair and encourages a healthy scalp. The shampoo refreshes your scalp by removing pollutants and other impurities while also soothing scalp itchiness. It strengthens dull and weak hair leaving them fresh and clean. The conditioner hydrates and softens hair while creating a protective layer that guards against damage. It leaves hair feeling soft, shiny and fresh, just like they would after an indulgent spa.

This range is infused with mango seed extracts that are packed with essential vitamins E and A. It reduces hair breakage and tackles dandruff while strengthening hair follicles. The Blackberry fruit extract in the range boosts collagen production for healthier hair. Rich in antioxidants, it also helps reduce scalp infections while adding bounce and shine to hair. Powered by rice extracts, the range helps to improve hair strength and texture from within. It repairs damaged hair, combats split ends and improves elasticity of hair strands. This revitalizing blend also addresses scalp irritation, leaving hair soft, shiny and healthy. This range is the perfect addition to your existing routine to experience the extra care your mane needs.

Transform your hair care routine with a luxurious touch of Pattern because your hair deserves the care that the Advance Care range provides. This range is apt for all hair types, to be used on a weekly basis. Every product from the brand is vegan, cruelty free and free from harmful chemicals.

Priced at INR 2012, this range can be purchased from:
Also available on Amazon, Flipkart and other leading ecom platforms.

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