Pooja Sahu: Because of these milestones, we tend to feel proud of ourselves

Pooja Sahu, who is seen as Mandira in Ravindra Gautam and Raghuvir Shekhawat’s Dahej Daasi, which is produced under their banner Do Dooni 4 Films, is happy that the show has completed 100 episodes. She said, “It feels very happy to accomplish something like this. Because of these milestones, we tend to feel proud of ourselves, confident in our abilities, and have a sense of achievement. These feelings can contribute positively to our overall well-being,” she added. 

For Pooja, every day has been a memorable one because she is always learning new things and improving. “Every day brings different shades and experiences for me to play with. So, there’s no single moment that stands out as the most memorable; every day is memorable in its own way,” she said. 

However, commuting to Naigaon every day poses a challenge for her. She said, “This is my first show in Naigaon. And it becomes difficult in the rainy season. Otherwise, everything else is great and normal for me. But this traveling part is the biggest challenge. Reaching the set on time has become a real task since the rain started. Whether you come by train or by road, getting here is a challenge in itself.“

Pooja credits the actors and their hard work for the success of the show. She added, “They have this passion to perform their characters to the best of their abilities. I see a lot of dedication in our actors, the kind that comes from a real hunger to do their roles well.”

She further said, “Plus, our producers, Ravindra Gautam Sir and Raghuvir Shekhawat Sir, our writers, and the rest of our technical team all work with great heart and commitment. When you do something just for the sake of doing it or just for the money, it doesn’t turn out as successful. But when you put your heart and soul into your work, aiming to make it the best it can be, the results are truly outstanding. I believe this dedication is the reason for our show’s success.”

She also shared that the ambience on our set is very peaceful; everyone gets along well, like a family. “It’s a very peaceful and happy environment,” she said. 

A message to your fans? “Keep loving us and our show just as you have been. If you feel that a character should be a certain way, or if there’s something else you want to see, please let us know. We are reachable on Instagram, so you can message us there and share your feedback.”

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