Prasad Tatke: My Acting and Spirituality Are Maturing Together

With the strengths of acting and spirituality, actor Prasad Tatke has left a unique mark through numerous TV series such as Bhairoba, Kata Rute Kunala, Kanyadaan, Laksh, Swapnanchya Palikadle, Madhuri Middleclass, Crime Diary, Shri Swami Samarth, Durva, Premas Rang Yave, Swarajya Rakshak Sambhaji, Swarajya Janani Jijamata, Sukhi Manasacha Sadra, and the new upcoming series Antarpaat. He has also entertained audiences with diverse roles in plays like Ajab Tuze Sarkar, Sangeet Sanyast Khadga, and films such as Kedar Shinde’s Maharashtra Shaheer and the upcoming Dil Malangi. Besides acting, he hosts and anchors many stage shows. He also performs religious rites and serves as a guruji at the Swami Samarth Math.

How did you start your career in acting? Was it a passion or a profession?
Of course, as a passion! But then I got some good roles, and slowly, alongside spirituality, I immersed myself in acting. By Swami’s grace, I am currently working in both fields.

When did you realize you could act? Who do you consider your godfather?
Acting talent is inherent among Konkanites, so I was always attracted to the stage from a young age. In terms of godfathers, I draw inspiration from many stalwarts in Marathi cinema such as Upendra Limaye, Subodh Bhave, Prasad Oak, Prasad Khandekar, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Ashok Saraf, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, and Vinay Apte sir.

If you had to choose between spirituality and acting, which would you choose?
Both spirituality and acting are my passions, so I immerse myself in both. Combining spirituality with acting is more beneficial. Mastery of language, pronunciation, voice tone, and presentation are important in spirituality, and these skills are crucial for acting too. Hence, I strive to excel in both arts.

What challenges did you face when you decided to pursue a career in acting? How did you overcome them?
Initially, I had to endure many hardships, and challenges still exist today. But now, the path is becoming clearer. I am getting good roles, and it feels great that my work is reaching people.

How has your experience in this field been so far? What did you have to do to get roles you liked?
The experience so far has been great. Unlike other actors who face initial struggles, I have been fortunate to receive good roles thanks to my parents’ blessings and the support of spirituality. With Swami Samarth’s blessings, I have gained respect in a short period. The current struggle is to get challenging roles.

What roles have you played so far?
So far, I have played roles like a guruji, doctor, constable, office manager, and more. My role in ‘Maharashtra Shaheer’ received special appreciation. I am also playing an extraordinary role in the upcoming film ‘Dil Malangi,’ directed by Sunil Parab and produced by Sadguru Entertainment. However, I find negative roles more challenging and would enjoy playing such roles more in the future.

How was your experience working with Kedar Shinde on ‘Maharashtra Shaheer’?
It was a very unique and enriching experience. It gave me a sense of the sacrifices made by our generation for the country. Kedar Shinde sir effortlessly gets the desired performance from actors. He is very disciplined, and since we are both Swami devotees, we clicked well.

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