Prashant Golecha: Being humble and real is the need of the hour

Tell us about what has been the landmark of your career journey.
It has been a roller coaster ride. I have worked very hard on my skills and talent for managing people. Anuj Saxena is the actor who is responsible for me getting into personal PR. Rajan Shahi shows Bidaai, Yeh Ristha Kya Kehlata Hai and Anupamaa have consolidated our position in the market. RED Chillies Idiot Box (TV show Ghar Ki Baat Hai) and Knight and Angels plus Simi Grewal’s India’s Most Desirables and actress Somy Ali were all interesting ladmark clients.

How do you react when a client misbehaves or discontinues PR suddenly?
A professional PR will try to explain and reason out once or twice but if a person is stubborn or not willing to listen and understand what can one do except disconnecting? Frankly, people who have left us are at a loss. There is a dearth of good PRs in the industry. Actors need a genuine friend, philosopher and guide and I have been all of that and my team is quite good and well-behaved. Plenty of actors have come back to us doesn’t that say it all about our services and competence?

Who have or had been or are your prominent clients?
Anuj Saxena, Somy Ali, Eijaz Khan, Arjun Bijlani, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Rajan Shahi, Binaiferr and Sanjay Kohli, Charrul Malik, Simple Kaul, Munisha Khatwani, Sharad Malhotra and Shivin Narang. Somy Ali, Rajan Shahi, and Binaiferr Kohli deserve special mention as they are the types who have been quite sensible, sensitive, realistic and fantastic, setting our benchmarks high. Prateek Sharma and Parth Shah  ( Studio LSD) have been good professionals too.  Actress Charrul Malik has been good to us and always recommends us to good people. In the case of Sumbul, we deal with her father Touqeer Khan more and he is a through gentleman.

What do you have to say about the competition? 
There is space for everyone. There is enough work for everyone. No one can handle everyone. Jo hamare hisse ka kaam hai hamare pass hi rahega no one can snatch from us. People keep bitching about us all the time and it reaches our ears too. But if a dog barks do we go and bite back the dog? We just ignore it. We are vigilant and mind our own business. Two to three established PRs are so funny that they keep messaging our clients weekly and I wonder when they focus on their clients. We are not in any race. Our loyalists are our loyalists and even if they want to go elsewhere, it is their choice. We are genuinely happy and secure in our space. We don’t look back. People who left us it’s their choice so what is there for us to react to? It is their loss. We mind our own business. Baat ussi ki hoti hai jismein kuch khaas baat hoti hai.

What do you have to say about clients who lie and are defaulters in paying PR fees?
There were plenty. It amazes me how wrongly they have been brought up. They haven’t been told money is energy and to keep anyone’s dues pending is professionally wrong. Two actors Somy Ali and Jasmine Bhasin are the only ones who have been very professional in money matters and are exemplary. Actors who fight with their producers for even a few thousand have defaulted and that makes me feel sorry for them as all defaulters who have fooled or harassed us are going through a long rough patch in their careers. I have kept grace but they have behaved unprofessionally and they are still not getting it. Ek Sharif workaholic professional ke saath kissi ko bhi cheat nahi karna chhaiye in any way. We are a team where kaam hi pooja and pooja hi kaam hai.  

People keep spreading that you are rude.
We are through professionals otherwise why plenty of A-listers will stick to us for so long. People who keep claiming I am rude must be those to whom I must have given a reality check about their profile. I  straightforwardly tell actors what can be done and what can’t be done. When you are hiring a PR, you want honest work and not lies or fake promises or a yes man. We have the expertise and experience to explain. Just hiring the best PR won’t make you an overnight star. In other words just because you have got the best PR doesn’t mean you will overnight get coverage all over. It takes time to build a profile. We work very hard. Actors do get upset sometimes when they don’t get what they want but one needs to be realistic too.  I am the best in the PR business and I know it, our clients know it and even the industry is noticing us. We are constantly enhancing our skills and we are very prompt and we are available anytime all time we have developed goodwill and we need not even claim it. Right PR can make a huge difference and some clients just don’t acknowledge it. I guess plenty of actors never learn to appreciate and acknowledge and no one ever corrected them for lack of basic human and professional etiquettes and courtesies. There is a saying a person overreacts the most when a person speaks the truth to him or her with brutal honesty. Some actors see only half glass empty when they should be seeing the half glass full.

Any PR will get you publicity, but PR is also about the right objective guidance in career and media management.  All the actors need to be real and develop the right attitude towards their careers, relationships and money. Being humble and real is the need of the hour. If you have even one right person in your career and life who guides you objectively, success will come knocking.  Every actor should think twice before overreacting and see the perspective of the other person too. I am right I am right every time doesn’t work. Speaking loudly doesn’t mean you are speaking right always. Treat everyone as equal and a human being. A client must trust his PR and should give benefit of doubt too sometimes rather than jumping to irrational conclusions. A pr and his team works hard to contribute in your growth in career.

What is so special about your team?
My team is a bunch of senior professionals and young folks. Srabanti Chakrabarti is efficient and have terrific intent to learn and for some actors/people her conversation is like energy tonic/drink. Shrinkhala is the most punctual staff.  Anjuri and Aditi have good writing experience.  Triparna, Yashika, Miti and Mansi are all a bunch of youthful talent and we all have potential to do better. Shreya Mukherjee who worked with us in past was also a good talented writer.  All have a very bright future here provided they value what they have realistically.  One special member of the team is Tuffy who keeps everyone on toes and has a positive influence.

What do you have to say about the spotting and Insta madness?
It is reaching its saturation point but people still want to do it as everyone else is doing it. The right talent will reach its path sooner or later. You can’t make social media your identity. Actors feel if they haven’t put a social media post means they haven’t taken a bath today. Social media has to be utilized relevantly. Less is more and very few are getting it. You can buy instas and even followers but you can’t buy luck, destiny or God. The universe aligns with what is right.

What are your future plans?
I have no plans. I live life one day at a time. I am taking my baby steps in modelling as Lashkarm.  I have stopped explaining myself. I just don’t react to what people say behind my back. I am the best and I am sensible. I don’t disconnect from people as such but if someone crosses the limit or misbehaves with me I also disconnect. If I am wrong, I accept it, if I am not, I don’t need to explain or defend. If people want to believe nonsense or create nonsense with the figment of their imagination, it is their choice. Life is too short to keep any grudges from anyone.  Life is over before you know it so why create havoc in your own life with over-thinking, sensitiveness and misuse of imagination?

Who are your friends?
I don’t have friends. I will never have intimate friends. I am just not cut out for friendship. In school and college life too, I found no friends or you could say never made any friends. As far as industry friends goes, I believe in Rajesh Khanna’s words, “Everything is so commercial here so where is the scope for real friendships?”. Rajesh Khanna’s words on relationships were that his experiences left him internally bleeding. He used to say his life is an open book but it depends on him what pages he wants or allows you to read”.  I am from Rajesh Khanna and Gurudutt era where bitter is better and sorrow makes a better tomorrow. I transform my setbacks into milestones. My intention is real and pure in everything I do. I also resonate with SRK’s song “I am the best” and also Rajesh Khanna’s words, “I have a common sense which is not at all common, it is a privileged sense”. People who are meant to be part of your life and career will be part of your life and career and no third party can create a rift. There is a saying success doesn’t change people it only amplifies what is already there.

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