Producers Sanjay & Binaiferr Kohli on Balancing Budgets and Creative Challenges

With two successful shows on air; Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai and Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Sanjay and Binaiferr Kohli of Edit II, distinguished names in the television industry, have carved a niche for themselves with their unique approach to production. Known for their commitment to quality and innovative storytelling, they shared their experiences, challenges, and what viewers can expect from their upcoming projects. 

Sanjay also known as ‘The King of Comedy’ describes their journey in the industry as both enjoyable and tough. “It’s tough doing a comedy,” he says, “as one episode of comedy equals five episodes of a daily soap.” Despite the difficulties, their passion for creating engaging content has driven their success. Managing the budget of a show is a delicate balance of financial prudence and creative ambition. “The budget should ensure profitability for the channel and sustainability for the show,” Sanjay explains. 

He emphasizes that while quality is paramount, extravagance is unnecessary. His ability to deliver compelling stories within budget constraints is a testament to his skill and experience. In an industry where deadlines are tight and stakes are high, Binaiferr has developed an effective approach to time management. “We are workaholics but typically maintain quality,” she says. By focusing on a limited number of projects, the Kohlis ensure that each receives the attention it deserves. “Your goodwill is what takes you along,” she adds, noting that maintaining a strong reputation is crucial. Binaiferr’s creative problem-solving skills have been instrumental in her success. She recounts an instance where she creatively tackled a challenge while staying within budget. “We created a village setting with all characters dressed in straw, and a fisherman village with two huge boats,” she shares. 

These innovative creations by the team and her solutions demonstrate her ability to think outside the box and deliver high-quality productions. Building and maintaining strong relationships with actors is a cornerstone of Binaiferr’s production philosophy. “My shows are like my babies, and my actors are wonderful,” she says. Mutual respect and professional behavior are key to nurturing these relationships, ensuring that both she and her actors can deliver their best performances. “Everyone ( &TV, writers, actors, directors, creatives, technicians) are giving their 100 percent, and it’s a united effort from the entire team,” she says. Fans can look forward to exciting developments and engaging storylines as the Kohlis and their team continue to push the boundaries of television production. Sanjay Kohli’s journey as a producer is marked by resilience, creativity, and a commitment to quality, making him a standout figure in the television industry. With his unwavering dedication and innovative approach, viewers can expect many more captivating stories from Edit 2 Productions in the future.

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