Pune Accordionists to Celebrate ‘World Accordion Day’

With the advent of technology in music, The Accordion, the European cousin of the Harmonium, is fast diminishing from music circles across the globe. Five of Pune’s passionate Accordion players are hoping this trend will change. They are all set to celebrate ‘World Accordion Day’ on Sunday May 5 from 4pm to 6pm at Zapurza Museum of Art & Culture, Kudje village, ahead of Peacock Bay, Pune.

The Spirit of Accordion – a group of Accordion players from Pune is organising the event.

The evening will be graced by well-known Accordion players Suhaschandra Kulkarni and Anil Gode as the Guests of Honour. The evening will witness the soulful Accordion renditions by Chandu Kale, Hemant Urdhwareshe, Shirish Kirtane, Ram Aswani, and Vaishali Halbe. They will be accompanied by Upendra Laxmeshwar on Guitar and Ajay Acharekar on Rhythm. Rashmi Urdhwareshe will anchor the event.

The event will be held at the Zapurza Museum of Art and Culture and there will be no extra charge for the audience to enjoy it.

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