Puri Chibber: The USP of the show is its simplicity

Actor Puru Chibber, who plays the role of Tejas Deshmukh in Rahul Kumar Tewary’s Udne Ki Aasha, loves the fact that people can relate to the show. He adds that the storyline, and the way it is shown on screen is simple incredible.

“The role was pretty exciting and the story was brilliant! I had heard a lot about Rahul Sir and that is why I chose to work in Udne Ki Aasha. The USP of the show and the one thing that I love the most is the simplicity of the story. The show is a story of a simple family and how they react to situations and relationships between the members of the family,” he says.

He adds, “Everyone has a dream in the story and I think that’s a very apt title for the show. If you dream it, only then you can achieve it. This is what people love about the show.”

Talking about his character, he says, “My character in the show is the eldest one in the family, he is what he is. He doesn’t pretend to be someone else.”

He adds, “I have always played characters which are very dominant and aggressive or very first-hand. This is a very different character for me, he reacts to situations and people very differently. He does not like violence and is a simple, sweet guy but has his shades. I love that about the character.”

Talking about the cast and crew of the show, he says, “I think everyone is such good actors, I love it when the whole family is there. As for Rahul Kumar Tewary, he is different from the rest of the producers that I have worked with. He really takes care of the cast and crew.”

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