Radhika Vidyasagar Celebrates 100 Episodes of Udne ki Aasha

Radhika Vidyasagar, who plays the role of Renuka in Rahul Tewary and Rolling Tales Production’s popular serial Udne ki Aasha, is celebrating a significant milestone. The show, which airs on Star Plus, has successfully completed 100 episodes. Radhika shared her joy and excitement about this achievement, reflecting on the journey and the camaraderie on set.

“I am very, very happy. My day started very well, and it was raining. It’s June, and the rainy season is on, making it a lovely morning,” Radhika expressed, highlighting the pleasant start to a special day. The atmosphere on set was equally joyous. “Everyone on the set is very happy because we realize we’ve reached the hundredth episode so quickly since we work seven days a week. So there’s a lot of hustle and bustle, and it’s a lot of fun because when everyone is there, we all have fun,” she added.

Radhika fondly described the close-knit environment of the production team. “We all have lunch together, and it is enjoyable. The whole table is filled with different dishes; we share our food and look forward to having lunches on set and chatting. I don’t know when I will get to experience this outside again,” she noted, emphasizing the unique bond shared among the cast and crew.

She praised the production house and the team behind ‘Udne ki Aasha’. “We are all in harmony. Our production house is superb. The production team is very good. Each and every person is putting in so much effort to try and make it the best, and we are looking forward to the cake-cutting ceremony in the evening,” Radhika said, highlighting the dedication and hard work of everyone involved.

Concluding her heartfelt message, Radhika congratulated her team and expressed gratitude. “Congratulations to me and my team of Udneki Asha and Star Plus, of course. Thank you, Star Plus. Thank you, Rolling Tales, and thank you, my entire team of ‘Udne Ki Aasha’. So happy, happy, happy,” she exclaimed.

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