Radhika Vidyasagar: TV has evolved as a medium

Radhika Vidyasagar, who is currently seen in Rahul Tewary and Rolling Tales production Udne Ki Aasha, says that TV, as a medium, has evolved. She says that the shooting style as well as the content, both have changed.

“The TV medium has evolved significantly over the years. In the past decade or two, there have been substantial technological advancements. Back in the day, we used to shoot three to four days a week without the rush and chaos of today. Daily soaps started around 2005, and since then, technology and other aspects have evolved. However, we still need to evolve more in terms of the subjects and stories we handle on television. The topics we cover have not progressed much. We need to evolve as an audience, as production houses, and as artists. I strongly believe that the stories and themes need to progress and reflect contemporary issues and ideas more effectively,” she says.

Talking about working on different platforms, she says, “I have worked in all mediums, whether it be OTT or others. Acting remains the same across all platforms. The performances remain consistent, regardless of the medium. However, daily soaps are a different challenge altogether. While the essence of acting doesn’t change, the pace in daily soaps is intense. You work continuously, often without breaks. Acting-wise, there is no difference; the performance is the same everywhere.”

Meanwhile, she says that being part of a daily soap has its pros and cons. “You get a steady and continuous income, and you’re seen on TV every day, which helps you gain popularity quickly. Being on-screen daily ensures that you become a familiar face to the audience. On the flip side, working for 15 hours a day without any days off can be extremely tiring. These are the primary disadvantages. However, any job that demands 15-hour workdays will have its drawbacks. Every profession has its pros and cons, and daily soaps are no exception,” she says.

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