Rajesh Khera to be seen as Mahatma Gandhi in Randeep Hooda’s directorial

From the sexy ‘Onida Devil’ with his chiseled jawline; to playing the comical Tamilian villager for the Fevikwik advertisement, Rajesh Khera is a man of many talents.

In the recent past, Rajesh Khera considered himself lucky to be a part of interesting projects; like Satyamev Jayate, Tadap, Babli Bouncer and Gaddar 2. Although these roles were fantastically portrayed, he believes he has been typecast because of the stereotype essentials of the said roles that blended well with his look and personality.

After a long patient wait, Khera was offered the most challenging role in his forthcoming film Swantatrrya Veer Savarkar directed and produced by Randeep Hooda who cast him to play Mahatma Gandhi’s character.

When asked, Khera revealed, “Mahatma Gandhi is a real and well-documented character. One can’t afford to go wrong playing that at any cost.”

When asked about his opinion and he stated, that only time and the reaction of the audience will tell, whether he managed to do justice to the role. He also shared about his contentment with the fact that his director, Randeep Hooda’s appreciation of his performance meant a lot to him, and that itself was enough validation.

When asked about his preparation for this role, Khera stated that he first worked towards losing weight and diligently lost 6.5 kgs under professional supervision, just to replicate the look of Gandhi. He also mentioned that he watched and studied Gandhi’s footage on various mediums/channels, just to get the role right. His homework and preparation also included a careful study of Sir Ben Kingsley.

“I feel blessed to be a part of Savarkar and I confidently believe that Director Randeep’s passion in making this film will most certainly bear fruit considering how he’s applied every element of effort and hard work into this”, Khera said.

Khera believes that television has been kind to him because he was offered diverse roles which personally helped him explore his talent and each time, made him raise the bar for himself leading him to hone his craft as an actor.

Although he believes his roles were carefully handpicked by him, he cautiously stayed away from engaging himself as a busy actor on television because of the apprehension of being coined a ‘Television actor’.

Khera identifies himself as someone who’s cut out to be a significant part of the film and OTT world and we cannot agree more; since he has most certainly proved himself as an iconic actor in the roles he has been asked to play where he did more than justice to them.

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