Ranaksh Rana: Poetry will always remain a hobby

While he is busy making a career in acting, Ranaksh Rana makes room for his love for poetry too. He not only writes whenever he can but also performs live.

Asked if he would like to build a full-time career out of it along with acting, he said, “Life can take you to places you never thought of, so even if it becomes or doesn’t become something more than  it is what’s the harm. But poetry will always remain a hobby and something I naturally enjoy.”

Camera or no camera, the young actor enjoys performing art in whichever way he can. He added. “I get immersed in whatever I am reciting, I start experiencing the character, and the theme of the poem. It might sound strange to others, but I won’t call myself an artist if I can’t feel and experience everything that I am saying or doing.”

And thus his poetry is based on life experiences where he looks at it from different viewpoints. “I try to go into detail of the theme and topic from different perspectives - sometimes from the hero’s, villain’s, world’s. Research for me is a perspective building tool,” he said.

A banker by profession, Ranaksh quit his high-paying job to pursue his acting dream. Over the past 10 years, he has seen a lot of changes in himself, and explained, “It has been a journey from the corporate thought process to corporate + artist mindset now. I didn’t know a lot of things that I know now. The power of exploring different fields and topics, and being open to new ideas, my thought process has elevated now to think of the world and about society and not just my own growth.”

“I didn’t realise that as a human being, as an artist, and as a world citizen, I have a responsibility towards nature and nation.”

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